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Posted on Dec 5, 2010 by in Stuff | 0 comments

This year, Eddie really did cut down our Christmas tree almost completely by himself. Apparently this was more difficult than he thought it might be, as he loudly complained “this is taking forever” and “can’t you just do it now Dad” repeatedly throughout the course of the event. Nicky thought the entire process was hilarious, for obvious reasons.

We went to Nastrom’s Needles again this year – since we’ve lived in St Helens, that’s the only place we’ve gone for our Christmas trees and we’ve got no intention of changing the habit. The place is fantastic – easy to navigate compare to a lot of other tree farms we’ve visited in NW Oregon and the customer service there really can’t be beat. Neither can their prices, I swear they haven’t changed! Plus, they have the best woodshed set up as a cashier/wreath assembly workshop… you gotta love a family business where the men do all the work and the ladies take the money.

More tree chopping here.

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